8,100 Hyndburn families benefit from tax credits


Greg Pope today released new figures which show that 8,100 families across Hyndburn are now getting the benefit of Labour’s tax credits. Mr Pope said:

I’m really pleased that so many families are now getting this help in Hyndburn. The tax credit system was an absolute shambles when it was introduced earlier this year and I had to deal with very many constituents who were understandably distressed that they were not getting the help that they needed. Thanks needs to go to hard working Inland Revenue staff who were really helpful during that difficult period.

I was proud to vote for this system when it went through Parliament. It is exactly the kind of initiative that I am keen to support: it supports families who work, it makes work pay and it particularly helps working mums.

The Tories, of course, are pledged to scrap the tax credits. They want tax cuts for their rich mates whilst I want to see help going to hard pressed working families here in Hyndburn. The difference between us could not really be any clearer.

It has been a difficult few months on the international scene but Labour must not lose sight of the reason why we were elected in the first place – to make life better for ordinary working people. These tax credits are a great example of that.”

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