Greg Pope MP welcomes clampdown on drivers holding mobile phones


Greg Pope MP today welcomes a new law which from 1 December makes it an offence to drive while holding a mobile phone. Offenders face a fixed penalty fine of £30, which can be increased to a maximum of £1000 if the matter goes to court. (That's £2,500 for drivers of vans, lorries, buses and coaches).

Greg said "I welcome this new law, which will help to make the roads in Hyndburn safer. Using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous. You are risking not only your own life but also other people's lives. Driving needs your full attention.

"This new law is widely supported. Research done for the AA Motoring Trust shows that the new law is supported by 93 per cent of motorists.

"No phone conversation is more important than the driver and other road users' safety".

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